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Class 12






Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry


The heat of combustion of etha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`-335.24" Kcal"``-671.08 " Kcal"``-670.48 " Kcal"``+670.48" Kcal"`

Answer : B

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hello everyone here the question is the heat of combustion of Ethanol determined in a Bomb calorimeter is -6.4 8 K kilo calorie per mole at 25 degree Celsius what is delta H at 25 degree Celsius for the reaction in this question we have to find out enthalpy of the reaction first for the combustion reaction of Ethanol will be it is C2 h5 0h and ethanol is in liquid state Plus 3oo to I am writing the balanced equation here to CO2 gaseous form + H2O in liquid form again now in the question given is heat of combustion in Bomb calorimeter is -6.4 8 K in Bomb calorimeter the volume is

constant and we calculate heat of commission at constant volume that is internal energy of the system and here it is -6 7.48 kilo calorie per mole as we know internal energy is equal to delta H - Delta n g h t Delta NG is the number of gaseous products - number of gaseous reactant and hear the value of delta in according to this reaction will be 2 - because this H2 is in liquid form and here -3 because eternal is is in liquid form and we required only number of moles of gaseous product in gaseous reactant the value of delta and -1 here it is the gas constant and T is the temperature we have to find out enthalpy of the reaction

enthalpy is equals to Delta is that is -6 70.4 8 - Delta plus Delta energy is -1 hour is the gas constant is the day that is internal energy is in cal so will write down the value of gas constant in cal temperature here is 25 degree Celsius will convert it into Kelvin by adding 27 3 and 273 and 25 that is 298 Soya temperature is 298 and hear the Delta is in kilo cal so will convert this path into kilo cal by multiplying into 10 raise to the power minus 3 from here the value of enthalpy change is equals to minus 6 70.0 8 kilo Sikh sorry 670 1.08

kilo cal and the correct option here will be option to that enthalpy changes -6 71.0 8 kilo cal

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