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The heat of combustion of C, S...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : `C+2S rarr CS_(2)` <br> `DeltaH=SigmaDeltaH_(P)-SigmaDeltaH_(R)=-1108.76-[-393.3+2xx(-293.7)]` <br> `=-1108.76+393.3+587.4=-"128.02 kJ"`

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question says that the heat of combustion of carbon Sulphur and PS2 are the values given here what will be the heat of formation of CS2 ok let's write the equations for all these combustion reactions first is carbon competition YouTube and its future as 12 is given -3 93.3 close station to is Sulphur + Sulphur dioxide and due to is given -2 93.5

close given conversion of ch2 ch2 to YouTube + SO2 and value is given -11 0.76 given what we are supposed to find out we are supposed to find out the heat of formation of formation of CS2 for this what will be the equation for the equation will be + 2 into it is too many to find out delta

he is this equation can be obtained with the help of these three equation if we add equation A + 2 into equation be patient b - seen in that case you will get C plus vs is equal to cease to check if a + photo equal to 2 x 2 x

bbsr to check if we added what will get will get C Plus 2 S + 3 is equal to CO2 + SO2 subtractor equation Si equation C is PS 2 + 3 is equal to CO2 + 2 is subtracted what will get these values will be minus sin theta minus sin what will happen

Bill Gates C + 2 is equal to seen as to the same equation with the help of we need to find out the values also so what we are going to delta H is given in the equation A + 2 X delta H to minus data and this value will be equal to delta H fes2 let's put the values list values -3 93.3 plus into minus 2 93.7

minus minus 11 0.76 solve it will get the value 120 8.06 this will be the value of delta HF mean of formation of carbonyl sulfide option option age - 120 8.0 2000 March plus 972 doesn't March plus 0.7 doesn't option d is plus 128 10600 is the correct answer for this question

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