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The heat of combustion at constant volume at `27^(@)C` of benzene and acetylene are `-800 kcal` and `310 kcal`. Find the heat of polymerisation of acetylene to benzene at constant pressure.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`2C_(6)H_(6) +15O_(2) rarr 12CO_(2) +6H_(2)O(l) DeltaH_(1) = -2 xx 800 …(i)` <br> `2C_(2)H_(2) +5O_(2) rarr 4CO_(2) +2H_(2)O(l) DeltaH_(2) =- 2 xx 310 …(ii)` <br> Multiply equation (ii) by `3` and then subract: <br> `6C_(2)H_(2) = 2C_(6)H_(6)` <br> `DeltaH = 3(-620) -(-1600) =- 260 kcal` <br> `3C_(2)H_(2)(g) =C_(6)H_(6)(l)` <br> `DeltaH =- (260)/(2) =- 130` <br> `DeltaH =0 -3 =-3` <br> `DeltaH =- 130000 - 3 xx 1.987 xx 300 =- 131.8 kcal`


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hello students welcome to doubt net let's look at the question that has been given to us so the question is that heat of combustion at constant volume at 27 degree Celsius of benzene -803 110 kg find the heat of polymerization of acetylene to benzene at constant ok so what do we need to first of all it is pen down all the details that have been given the question at 27 degree celsius is write down the reaction of benzene and detailing the combustion reaction to fall benzene 3686 will combine with 15 upon two more reason to give 62 and three moles of water rate and the heat of combustion for this is given that is nothing but

800 now the next reaction that we have to write down as action is clean getting burnt Up c2h 2 need to react with 5 by 2 moles of Oxygen gas we get two moles of Co2 and 1 mole of hydrogen aborted and torque conversion writing delta H to is given as 310 kilo cal let you know detail that has been given the question what you need to do we just will just assume this equation as equation 1 and this is equation to write and if you look closely than we have to ofcom what we need to formally to form the heat of polymerization of Ethylene so which is c2h to write

and it has to polymerize to form only possible if we take three moles of three molecules of Co2 H2O just have to pay attention then we can easily find out X creation 233 times of equation to write and minus of equation one will give us this way this question we need to find out the heat of polymer multiplication with equation that will be getting Delta you're not into delta H - of delta H 1 write three times of 310

- top - 10 - 1 30 kilo cal the heat of polymerization Dal u not plus softgel in GRT rate vacancy is nothing but the number of moles of gases for gases product number of moles of gaseous reaction Residency in the question of the question that we have to do here so we have to polymerize acetylene to benzene so here benzene in liquid state and is in gaseous state so we have zero moles of gaseous product - 3 moles of gaseous reactin

50 moles of gaseous product and I have three moles of gaseous reaction so it will give me -3 ng-value is -3 now the gas constant will be equal to 1.987 calorie per mole per K weight and the temperature that is given at 27 degree Celsius soldiers convert into Kelvin scale which will be equal to everything we just need to put all the value calculated value of I have already calculated that is equal to -1 30 and -3 that is Dell energy into our which is 1.987 in 200mb in calorie per mole for K so to make it kilo cal adjust X with -3 and if you just

solve it is the answer that we get is 130 1.8 kilo this is a required solution for this particular question write and edit icon

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