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Class 12






Chemical Kinetics


The half-life periof of a firs...

The half-life periof of a first order reaction is…………..of initial concentration.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : Independent


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hello in this question was there it is the half life period of a first order reaction is there of initial concentration ok so if you are left for the first order reaction rate rate is given by there is a formula is equal to what one by it in or take ornativa in what is the what this is your initial concentration it is your a concentration at time of concentration after tea have it will be what is not by two since RTR indicates what that the half time every time in which 50% of the reactant is God converted into the product so here if we want to derive the expression for so what we will write instead of TV are going to substitute the half of their soti half will be equal to 1 by 3 and this will be what a not what they not by to so

reduce this equation for even comes out of it was somewhat like this I have will be equal to in order not will cancel out so it will be aligned to / ke asking about the what are the half life period of first order is dash of initial concentration what you can observe in this equation there is no concentration term is involved ok so we can say for the first of the order reaction it is half life is what independent of initial concentration so it will be what it will be independent independent of initial concentration show the correct answer will be independent I hope this answers your question thank you


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