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Class 12






Coordination Compounds


The formula Co(NH_(3))_(4) CO_...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : The structures of the three isomers represented by the given formula are give in the figure In isomers (a) and (b) `CO_(3)^(2-)` ion acts as a monodentate ligand but in isomer (c ) this ion acts as a bidentate ligand <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (ii) Tese isomers can be distinguished by the following methods <br> (a) Chemical method When isomer (c ) is treated with `AgNO_(3)` solution yellow ppt of AgBr is obtained <br> (b) Infra -red spectroscopic method The absorption spectra of isomers (a) and (b )are different from that of isomer (c) since in (a) and (b) `CO_(3)^(2-)` ion acts as a monodentate ligand but in (c) this ion acts as a bidentate ligands .

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hello everyone this question let me explain to you the formula of the given Complex represents 3 Aisa draw the structure of these are the first one would simply if we draw geometrical isomers then the first food been transformed Kumar is the central metal Ion ok and help we are having three and Mrs C are ok apart from this NH 31 NH 33 and NH3 to clearly we can see that this is the scope of the isolates now talking about the next one that will be the cells form but again the central metal and then we are having SEO

hi NH3 NH3 near NH 38 Gyan NH3 is the form of the complex now these forms are actually non-ionic non-ionic isomers now when I owner case is also possible to withdraw the thought I should work then how it would represent over here we will be keeping was again the central metal atom this is NH3 NH3 and nf3 has one another and 64 and ac are registered now we know that coordinating site over help for co3 will be things to oxygen

ok thereby it to another part of the prices that is existing over there and this is not yet completed this be having a positive charge + Bromide I would be also attached has this is clearly ionic I saw these are three possible structures possible for the given formula write thank you

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