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The first ionisation potential of Na is 5.1eV. The value of electron gain enthalpy of Na+ will be


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student version the first ionization potential of sodium is 5.1 the value of electron gain enthalpy of any plus we'll call it if you can recall well and potential energy energy required remove the loosely bound Valence Electrons open isolated gaseous atom is
our technical definition potential or you could also called it ok it for the abbreviation of ionisation potential of course or it could folder ionization in IEEE electron electron gain enthalpy which is also known as electron affinity what is energy ok
good talk about it being really when dikhao and so on giving energy for sorry electric kettle stability and energy electron gain enthalpy can be abbreviated as easy odd electron affinity can be updated as what is the relation between IP and pay for it and the information which have been given a window can be detected in a particular reaction on
getting it is 5.1 electron volt in this much energy was needed to remove that one electron shell Sodium and converted time and this one electron what would be the energy needed for combination of this one leg is nothing your ji electron in the first reaction is 5.1 electron volt is what this value mean and this particular reaction is the second one
and that Delta issue in this case would be 5.1 in short the electron point electron volt value of electron gain enthalpy of any 25.12.19 and getting converted can definitely say that option number one is going to be the correct option so from this particular concept to
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