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Chemical Equilibrium


The figure shows the change in...

The figure shows the change in concentration of species A and B as a function of time. <br> The equilibrium constant `K_(c)`for the reaction` A(g)hArr2B(g)` is : <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`K_(c)gt1``Klt1``K=1`data insufficient

Answer : a


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hello student the question is the figure shows the change in the concentration of this species A and B as a function of time the equilibrium constant KC for the reaction A to B is this question here the figure is given in which the concentration of the species A and B are shown with function of time we have to find out the equilibrium constant for the reaction a 22 for the reaction a casual to be gracious if we see in the figure the equilibrium concentration of a is point 1 minut decreases at this concentration the concentration is constant it means it has attained equilibrium it means if concentration of the a will be point 1 molar so we can write

equilibrium is point 1 molar similarly with be it consultation is constant at this point for molar concentration it is not changing sweet this is a concentration at equilibrium concentration at equilibrium for B is 4.4 molar now we have to find out the equilibrium constant for equilibrium constant would be equilibrium constant KC it is the concentration of the product raise to power is to see metric option let se upon reactin concentration of reactant Race 2 Pal dystocia metric option in this case for this reaction equilibrium constant will be concentration of product product is be so it would be the equilibrium

Race 2 part 2 symmetric official that is to upon reactant concentration at equilibrium that is equilibrium equilibrium is formula and scared of it will be so point 4 in 2.4 / reactant concentration that is a which is 4.1 to this will give us the equilibrium constant as point 150 word 5.13 it is 1.6 Nokia C is 1.6 if it is clearly greater than 1 Kaisi is greater than one we have to find out that equilibrium constant for the reaction is so KC is greater than one option for the correct for this is the option KC greater than I hope you understood this thank you

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