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The figure below shows a unit ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : 4
Solution : `Z_(Ca)=,8xx(1)/(8)=1,Z_(r)=1xx1=1.Z_(o)=6xx(1)/(2)=3` <br> `:'O^(2-)` ions are at 6 face centres and `Ca^(2+)` at 8 comers.

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hello students today our question is the figures below show a unit of cell of mineral peroxide the titanium atom is at the centre of the two so we can highlight to the titanium this is at the centre of the tube and we have the oxygen this is our oxygen 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 and we have the calcium at corner 12345678 so we have calcium at this it that is at corner so we have ABCD options are given here so this solution of this question is we know that the calcium share is equals to so we know that calcium is at corner so this is 12345678 910 8 and we know that share at the corner is 1 by 8 so from this we get calcium

is equal to Z of that is for calcium is one and for the oxygen we have these are 6 and the share is one by two so this is one by two hair and this is 3 and similarly we can find for the ZR for the titanium that is so this is One X with one that is one year from this we get the chemical formula for this so we can write a chemical formula that is c a b is one and Titanium is one and oxygen 3 so this is our formula chemical formula hair this is chemical formula and this is the answer for this question now we check which option is correct

so as is correct a thank you

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