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The equivalent weight of potas...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B
Solution : Potash alum is a double salt. <br> `Total+"ve charge"=Total-"ve charge"` <br> `K_(2)^(2+)SO_(4)^(2-).Al_(2)^(+6)(SO_(4))_(3)^(-2xx3).24H_(2)O` <br> `Total+"ve charge"=8` <br> `Total-"ve-charge"=8` <br> `:. Ew=(M)/(8)`


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we have to calculate the equivalent weight of Potash alum it is K 2 S o4 into a l 2 S o4 authorised + so sorry into so I talk about this so-called Equivalent weight of molecular weight / n factor so this is what it is now for each of the option we have am so let us consider Potash alum molecular weight should be so molecular weight we're considering this has now never talked about Potash alum so we know that it is a double salt that so I write four k 2 S o4 into a l 2 s o4 all price rate

24 H2O is actually a double salt salt is added in which more than one cation or anion is available at the right it's ok taiyar and anion one by one so it is actually called Hetu it is 2 k + similarly for a supportive aso Core 2 - and for aluminium this is to time al3 + and 32 - read because the three types we know that in double salts total positive charge that they should be equal to total negative charge so in this case for total positive charges that 3 into 2 for aluminium so this is 6 and 2 k

+ 2 = 2 + 8 so positive charge + 8 it so now if we write the equivalent weight so we write equivalent equivalent weight should be equal to molecular weight are you get the am upon and factor right and in this case we have n factor as a it is option day thank you


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