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The enthalpy and entropy chang...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`363.64 K``273 K``450 K``300 K`

Answer : A

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40 kilo joule per mole inverse respectively the temperature to find out and 40 kilo joule per mole mole inverse so we have to convert the sentence showing rules to make same it will be 42

ok and the reaction to liquid to 2br PL that is the temperature that is Delta is equal to delta delta energy change delta H is enthalpy change which is given to us in the question and T is the temperature and a question we have been are

the temperature at which the reaction will become equilibrium so we know that energy becomes zero that mean this will become zero the that is Delta is is equals to zero has equal condition what will happen if we have to find the temperature equation we get at It is seen that delta H is 40 into 10 power 300 points

into into 10 to the power 3 k so this will be that is 33 so latest option option one is are correct answer as you can see the value is here that is 360 3.6 K that is approximation yes this is right next is 273 K next is 450 K and p and the temperature will be points

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