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The e.m.f of cell Ag|AgI_((s))...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `E_(cell)=E^(@)_(cell)=(0.591)/(1)log[Al^(+)]_(LHS)/[(Ag^(+))]_(RHS)` <br> `0.8=0-(0.0591)/(1)log(C_(1))/(0.2)` <br> `log(0.2)/(C_(1))=(0.8)/(0.0591)=(13.54)` <br> `(0.2)/(C_(1))="Antilog"(13.54)` <br> `(0.2)/(C_(1))=3.467xx10^(13)` <br> `C_(1)=(0.2)/(3.467xx10^(13))` <br> `C_(1)=5.77xx10^(-15)` <br> `K_(sp)=[Ag^(+)][I^(-)]=5.77xx10^(-15)xx0.19` <br> `k_(sp)=1.1xx10^(-16)`

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question given here is the EMF of cell AG AG S 0.05 molar 0.05 M agno3 is 0.788 volt calculate the solubility product of a given are Redox reaction and we have to calculate also the EMF is given for this reaction and we have to calculate the solubility product of PGI so first of all the reaction is given as a g g i and there is a Salt Bridge which like this corporate indicate the two halves of the reaction the oxidation of and the reduction in second is given as AG and O3 to so we know that in a reactions in half reaction so first reaction is the reaction

and the second one is reaction at cathode and anode it is oxidation at cathode it is reduction so first off I will write the reactions were at kit at sweater not there is a reason oxidation so oxidation we see here so this the Silver is going from elemental state to state that is acquiring A plus positive charge so oxidation is getting away with this so AG gives AG positive this is an eternal plus electron and at cathode which is a reduction reaction occurring so here from plus positive it is going to zero state so AG positive at Cathode is giving a sorry oneplus one electronics gaining an electron here Plus

sun is giving a g the overall reaction will be so electron to electron and so this will be AG positive at Cathode is giving ji positive at night so we are also given the values of this concentration values also given first of the question is we have to find the solubility product of a g so as we know there for solubility product that is KSP is given by of AG is given as concentration of AG positive attitude and I negative atah not read concentration of eye is given as 0.05 aur we have but don't we don't have the concentration of AG positive so we'll find out the concentration first for easy positive so every no so first of all I will be fine

won't find out the unit of the cell that is standard electrode potential of the cell so that is equals to in or out of the reaction at cathode to the reduction potential at and so we see here that first of all we can see that not a leg and selective reduction of the Oxidation reaction hair that is easy to easy positive is equals to in or out of the reaction reduction potential of the reaction at the thought that is easy positive to so with this we can see that in or out of the cell is equals to zero now will react write the reaction of the aim of the cell EMF of the cell according to Nernst equation Surya Mein physical store in or out of the cell -0.05 9 upon in which is the number of electrons taking place in the reaction

interlock concentration of the products of product in this reaction is this one AG positive at not upon the concentration of reactant that is easy positive thought now as we know EMF of the cell is given that is 0.788 also the concentration of positive attitude is given that is 0.05 now will put the values and we calculated in notice Hero so with this EMF 0.7 V 0 - 0.059 and the number of electrons we can say is one here so it will be 12 log of Soviet to calculate AG positive at an all and this is 0.05 so therefore consent

son of AG positive at not after this equation solving this equation comes out to be 2.203 into 10 to the power minus 15 now again if we see that we have to calculate the solubility product and by this equation so we have calculated this value and we have this value so we will calculate the value of the calculate the speed after solubility product of easy is equals to so concentration of AG positive notice 2.303 into 10 to the power minus 15 into consideration of a negative that is 0.05 so this comes out to be 1.1 into 10 to the power minus 16 is the value of solubility product of a g so this is a required question thank you

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