The electronic configuration of atom is one of the important factor which affects the value of ionisation potential and electron gain enthalpy. Explain.
Electronic configuration and electron gain enthalpy ( electron affinity ) :

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

(i) Along the period, added electron enters to the same energy level , and also nuclear charge increases. Along a period , electron affinity increases, This is due to increase in nuclear charge and decreases in size of the atoms. Both these factors favour the addition of extra electron, and hence electron affinity valences show an increase.
(ii) Electron gain enthalpies of some of the numbers of alkaline earth metals, noble gases and nitrogen are positive.
(a) Alkaline earth metals have stable configuration (ns2), while nitrogen has extra stability due to half filled orbitals (1s22s22p1x2p1y2p1z) . These atom resist the addition of extra electron as they do not want to disturb their stability .
( b) Noble gases have ns2np6 configuration. The addition of an extra electron is unfavourable and requried higher energy.
( c ) Halogens have highest electron gain enthalpy because small atomic size and high nuclear charge and they have one electron less than the stable inert gas configuration.

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