The electronic configuration of an atom A is 2, 8, 2 and that of another atom B is 2, 8, 7. What is the formula of the compound formed by the combination of A and B?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello bi 12 we have a question here the electronic configuration of an atom a is 282 and that of another atom bi is 287 what is the formula of the compound formed by the combination of a and b Vyavsayik a have farmer 801 S 22826 and PS to the valence shell we know that 12 to it is the number of magnesium

that is MG 17 b Bihar 2872 that is one as 22822 P6 382352 this is of initial here and this is 17 is a number of Chlorine this message Itna it is only one electron less to fulfilled it will accept one electron so that is

will accept one electron this will have valency 1 and this since we had empty orbitals so it will become more stable by achieving noble gas configuration donate to electrons is magnesium is also a metal it is electropositive ok so valencies to hear the valency of magnesium is 2

and BC chlorine is won the Formula hair will be ensure that we have and we have here here valency of mg is 2 and valency of chlorine is 1 show their cross multiply to each other the combine in the ratio 1 is to 2

because MG giving to electron so it will balance to chlorine chlorine so the formula here will be I hope you can get the formula very well now this is your magnesium chloride MgCl2 this will be the formula I hope you have understood the concept with and you can see the video again if we have not valency is always cross X SMG has 11 and it will have to fluorine and chlorine has valency so it will have one venition ok thank you so much

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