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Class 12






Jee Main Revision Test- 24


The electron gain enthalpy (in...

The electron gain enthalpy (in kJ/mole) of Oxygen, Sulphur,Selenium and Tellurium respectively are :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`-141. - 200, - 195, - 190``-200, - 195, - 141, - 190``-141,-190,-200,-195``-200,-195,-190,-141`

Answer : A
Solution : `S gt Se gt Te gt O`


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if the electron gain enthalpy in kilo joule per mole of Oxygen sulphur Selenium and tellurium tellurium respectively as far as we know about that what is electron gain enthalpy amount of energy released when and adamant expect an electron this is called electron gain enthalpy elements except electron it release energy ok so fear of seasons here we see that on in oxygen sulphur Selenium Telugu rhymes on moving down the group electron gain enthalpy decreases sulphur to polony as oxygen has low value electron gain enthalpy of oxygen

is small in size incoming electron moves with electron repulsion oxygen outermost surface as a result electron affinity decreases so the order of electron gain enthalpy is Oxygen polonium sorry Selenium and sulphur sulphur has Munh why sulphur has more electron gain enthalpy because size of Sulphur and Selenium is not different therefore the combining effect of size and electron gain enthalpy the electron affinity of sulphur is higher than of Selenium and oxygen is listed

group that highest in which four option highest is -202 Sulphur is -200 oxygen is least electron affinity so it has my first option is the correct answer of this question oxygen electron gain enthalpy is -1 41 sulphur is -200 because it it it has highest electron gain enthalpy Selenium is -1 95 tellurium is -1 91 is the correct answer of this question


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