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The EAN of metal atoms in [Fe(...

The EAN of metal atoms in `[Fe(XO)_2(NO^+)_2]` and `Co_2 (CO)_8` respectively are :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

34, 3534, 3636, 3636, 35

Answer : C
Solution : Oxidation state of iron in `overset("-2 " " 0 " " +)([Fe(CO)_2(NO)_2])`=x+2(0)+2=0,x= -2 <br> So EAN =28+8=36 <br> Oxidation state of cobalt in `Co_2(CO)_8`=2x+8(-0)= or x=0 <br> So EAN = 27+1+8 =36


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answering this question we need to calculate the number of metal atoms in x v i s and O positive wallpapers and CO2 282 respect so what is effective atomic number and the formula for calculating a n is equal to what is atomic number - oxidation number of Oxidation state of atom class 12 coordination number + metal metal Bond if any metal metal Bond electrons

Sofa Sofa consider first Complex given to us that is positive for this we calculate the oxidation state of iron which can be treated as iron letsos Oxidation state is x x is neutral ligand so it will be true and I know it plus one charges their profession state comes out to be X + 0.2 + + 1 into two is comes out to be zero is it is neutral ligand neutral or all Complex song ex comes out to be too so for calculating a number is equal to atomic number here is

iron atomic number is 26 - oxidation number is too as calculated on lift + 2 into coordination number of applicants Mera Photo Edit scanned into another ligands in coordination number will be for and this comes out to be 36 now next consider the second leg on given to us that is CO2 co8 so even small letter to see you will understand that it is a dimer for the molecule cuso4 is the diameter of this molecule will let calculator per atom here so we will calculate EMI for particular this

abhi can complete for this and then divide by 2 so this oxidation Oxidation State will be here it is X + 2 is also an intelligent 40 in 28 atoms 2 X + 728 is equal to zero and X comes out to be zero here and it comes out to be atomic number for Cobalt is 27 and 28 atoms of quality here I present plus there's a metal metal bond between these two Cobalt items so metal battleborn electron will be to hear + - oxidation number is zero hair plus 20 coordination number coordination number is 8 and this comes out to be 72 but for the monomer unit the number will be

this moment you need a number will be 36 again so the way number for this complex is 36 and for this first complex is also 36c will be correct answer 36 for both the complex options is correct answer thank you


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