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Class 11






Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure


The dipoles moment of NF_(3) i...

The dipoles moment of `NF_(3)` is less than `NH_(3)` because

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`4.90 xx 10^(-30) C m and 0.80 xx 10^(-30) C m``0.80 xx 10^(-30) C m and 4.90 xx 10^(-30) C m``4.90 xx 10^(-30) C m and 4.90 xx 10^(-30) C m``0.80 xx 10^(-30) C m and 0.80 xx 10^(-30) C m`

Answer : A


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welcome to doubtnut in this fusion ask about the dipole moment of NH3 and nf3 dipole moment M is the more electronegative element world more electronegative element cost of all draw the structure of NH3 and nf3 piramadom structure and in NH3 similar structure to another three hydrogen chlorine is replaced by hydrogen that in all ways that dipole moment I'm from item to a to word itself

direction of shifting of electrons from nitrogen to lawn care in both the molecule but hair fluorine is more electronegative than nitrogen show shifting of electron from nitrogen to floor inside inside so over of resultant is overall result in days this type in the NH3 molecule but you know that nitrogen is more electronegative than hydrogen show direction of shifting of electron is from hydrogen to nitrogen site song Hare direction overall direction of dipole moment M is in the same side as in The Lone pair so here

dipole moment I'm in both the cases not equal to zero but their resultant is adding in the NH3 water in ionic 3 subtract so resultant of resultant of NH3 and nf3 is less than the resultant of a necessary where anal news represent the dipole moment I'm and shifting of electron to word and direction of the shifting of electron thank you have so this is our


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