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Study Of Compounds Of Chlorine - Hydrogen Chloride


The diagram shows a simple arr...

The diagram shows a simple arrangement of the fountain experiment: <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> What is the common property demonstrated by this experiment?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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ok I love you one of these questions is that the diagram shows a simple arrangement of Fountain experiment diagram that has been given to us for the fountain experiment the questions is that what is the common property demonstrated revise Hotel Fountain experiment let me right at an experiment fountain experiment fountain experiment we know that it is used to illustrate the solubility and solubility of HCL and NH3 in water so what we basically do it would HCL over here this is this is our water we have water can we put a HCL and is actually start entering the water

physically HCL gas not properly mentioned to hear this is for HCL and electrical and gas industry chamber Ahir December this particular chamber its valuable with the water And hence determine the solubility of this because we know that there is a right hydrogen bonding h bonding in HCL and H2 and NH3 and H2S is hydrogen bonding these cases are highly scalable and hence ki property that is determinant is hydrogen bonding and celebrities write common properties Kali polity and hydrogen bond how hydrogen bonding takes place between these compounds as well let me that as well as for example this is HCL

and this is the water molecule of water is a pen structure it we write properly event water problem that you electronic the difference is a partial negative charge flowing and partial positive and hydrogen similarly a parcel positive or negative of polarization there is hydrogen bonding between chlorine and hydrogen which increases the solubility of H2O and similarly for NXT to the South is hydrogen bonding is demonstrated Swadeshi Computer Solution thank you


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