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The degree of dissociation α of the reaction"
can be related to Kp as:


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welcome degree of dissociation of Alpha and converted into two NO2 gas can be related with KP KP and Pita total please please the total pressure it is the total equal to total pressure is equal to P is considered as it is converted into who is then a minus into
2 song it is smaller concentration then total is equal to minus plus 2 plus Alpha 21 Plus equilibrium constant KP then it is equal to 2 to the power to divide by the derivation topo it is a partial pressure of N2 over here Patil pressure
pressure is the piano 2 is equal to the number of moles of NO2 to the total mall it is equal to share it is 28 Alpha divide it is into 1 + Alpha into it the partial pressure and O2 and similar we find out the partial pressure of and received equal to number of moles of N2 at equilibrium / and total in topi total in topi total so number of moles of
N2 into 1 minus Alpha divide it is certain number of moles is a into 1 + 3 Y is this is n2o for it is equal to 1 minus 1 + 2 is equal to derivation of the derivation write the value from power to divide it is 1 minus plus
2 solid ap is equal to 4 Alpha square divided by 1 + Alpha 2018 1 + Alpha / 19 into one piece cancel out by each other and 180 is equal to aur alfacare AP divided by 1 + 1 - AP Alpha square is equal to
for Alpha Plus AP alfacare Dhan ap is equal to Alpha square is common then here it is 4p Plus from here to AP upon copy Plus one by two then it is the option in the given option t is the correct of have a nice day

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