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The decrerasing order of energy for the electrons represented by the following sets of quantum number is :


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action the decreasing order of energy for the electron configuration represent the given quantum number set out to find this one two three and four the lowest energy to higher than that question we use the role of N + in the value of n + l lowest energy and this is open now in the given set we have to find n + deal value then the lowest value of M less energy for particular set 1 2 3 and 4
let's find the value find the value what we have we have first one is 400 equal to four industry have 3 + 1 is equal to 4 then we have 3 + 2 is equal to 5 and then we have P + 0 is equal to we have concluded that first of all the maximum energy is with the then there is a tie between second and first go with the lowest value of and have the less energy in the highest energy source we then went to obtain the last one the lower courts Uda Uda Re 124 in the given options the number is our Desire answer of energy
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