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Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


The cyanide ion CN and N_(2) a...

The cyanide ion `CN and N_(2)` are isoelectronic, but in contrast to `CN^(-), N_(2)` is chemically inert, because of


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : Absence of bond polarity
Solution : Absence of bond polarity .


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send this question it is are that the cyanide I am in and into are isoelectronic but in contrast and minor and to is chemically inert because of so answer of this question is because PN minor polar and N2 Pole now as you see here fine and minor having 111 nitrogen and n2o structure is and 111 and lone pair is Polar where is due to symmetry dipole moment is zero and that he had dipole

moment not equal to zero but we had to nonpolar because I Pol moment is equal to zero cyanide ion is strong nucleophile as it can donate it electron pair suitable electrophile nitrogen is used to generate in an atmosphere as it is chemically on reacting so and has a larger bond energy then so that's why this year in 800 in reactive and then is not in the activities hope you understood