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The cost at 5 paise/KWH of ope...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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25 paise per kilowatt hour of operating an electric motor for 8 hours which takes 15 a at 100 V so what we have given we have given the current as 15 a as a current and forward test is given 110 volt from where we can deny SI unit of power which its value the power is defined as voltage x current from here what will have a voltage of 110 volt x 15 a on solving it we get 1650 what is the unit of power what is defined as a voltage multiply

we know that one kilowatt is equal to 1000 what it can be converted at 1.650 KW now we have to find kilowatt hour kilowatt hour is the unit of energy which is defined as power accomplished per unit time here we are having 1.650 KW multiply as an hour we are having it Tina all multiplying it we get the energy of electricity that is 13.2 Kilo what are we have given one

what are it is the cost of 5 paise so for one kilowatt hour there is a cost of Paisa paise by unitary method for 13.2 kilowatt hour it will have 5 multiply 13.2 on solving be the cost of overall cost for using 13.2 kilowatt hour energy is 66 paise you got my point thank you

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