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Class 12






Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties


The correct values of ionizati...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

786, 1012, 999, 12561012, 786, 999, 1256, 786, 1012, 1256, 999786, 999, 1012, 1256

Answer : C
Solution : Along the period I.E. increases But I.E of P > S, due to stability of half filled configuration.


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hello guys in this person is saying that the correct values of ionization enthalpies in kilo joule per mole of Silicon Phosphorus chlorine and then sulphur respectively are given for options to find out which option is the correct arrange them according to the predictable so festival there will be Silicon then they will force first then there will be sulphur danger will chloride than their organ here there will be a carbon Nitrogen Oxygen flooring and there will be sure to find out between Silicon Phosphorus chlorine and circuit Silicon Phosphorus Sulphur chlorine so as you can see the this is going from left to right so as we go from left to right the ionization enthalpy of ionization enthalpy increases due to the decrease in their size so this will looks like this

there is a another thing will come here which is the electronic configuration of phosphorus and sulphur this is the electron configuration of phosphorus is 3.3 and it is 3p as we can see this is a half filled P orbital here this is a half filled P orbital electrons and this is totally han fitrat so this needs more energy to get an electron out right so this order will get rivers only there will this will get rivers write this order will be like this so now as we can see there will the order will be Silicon then there will be sulphur then they will Phosphorus then there will be closed for the maximum ionization enthalpies for chlorine so hair Silicon Phosphorus Sulphur chlorine is the third so third must be the maximum of 4

this is the fourth is maximum this is wrong with this is the force is maximum this is wrong head this is third is maximum this will be correct this will be for these maximum this Rock so as we can see option Number 33 will be the correct option and here we can also see the Silicon used for minimum silicon is here at first so this will be the minimum here we can see in this order this is the minimum shop number 3 will be ever correct answer this is answer thank you for watching Best of luck at bye-bye


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