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The correct structure of produ...

The correct structure of product 'P' in the following reaction is : <br> `underset("(excess)")(Asn-Ser+(CH_(3)CO)_(2)Ooverset(NEt_(3))(to)P)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hi guys in this question correct structure of product P in the following reaction is a s s e r plus yes receive all twice this is anhydride in presence of triethylamine what will be our product option a option B for option for option De on the first we take here Asin and SCR

guys this is the peptide bond between squash and Sherin what are expertise in what are the spores in answering dies report amino acid we know that what is amino acid both carboxylic acid and amine groups are present on the same carbon and this is our JS replace hydrogen different amino acids have different alkyl groups

it is basic structure what is the basic structure of espogen call the first withdrawal Carboxylic group and dresses NH2 and this is alkyl group ch2 double bond and this is NH2 what is the structure of serine Ritesh Carboxylic group again and we have NH2 and this is our

ch2 Kuwait this is Asin and this is SCR how can we form peptide Bond by removing one water molecule minus H2O and we get the structure of a s and a c h this is Asia this will react with anhydride I can draw here acetic anhydride in both side of the chain Rahul seraikella

11111 CH3 and CSC what will be removed you can easily see have ch3coo Anders Acetate group ch3coona and acetic acid ch3cooh is remove in this site Kuwait and asset group ch3coo and again ch3cooh is remove how we can easily write the structure of product we are going to write structure of a product and I am starting from the CH3 and this C will connect to this and CS3

311 then NH next anti H2 and there we have 311 and NH gents ki double bond nh10 on this Karbonn this is 11 and and this is ch2 York 3 this is a right answer in option we can see this is 3 then this is C double bond O and H CH3 ch2 ch2 double bond NH

Carboxylic group and on the cs2403 please share Prasar answer is D and these are in correct answer answer bhi thank you very much


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