The correct statement(s) about surface properties is (are)



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Updated On: 9-8-2021

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Cloud is an emulsion type of colloid in which liquid is dispersed phase and gas is dispersion medium Adsorption is accompanied by decrease in enthalpy and decrease in entropy of the system The critical temperatures of ethane and nitrogen are 563 K and 126 K, respectively. The adsorption of ethane will be more than that of nitrogen on same amount of activated charcoal at a given temperatureBrownian motion of colloidal particles does not depend on the size of the particles but depends on viscosity of the solution

Solution :
(a) cloud is an aerosol in which liquid is dispersed phase and gas is dispersion medium. Whereas emulsion is liquid in liquid system. <br> (b) higher the critical temperature of a gas, greater the amount of gas adsorbed thus, ethane will be adsorbed to a greater extent then nitrogen <br> (c ) Adsorption is an exothermic process, thus enthalpy decreases during this process. On adsorption, the randomness of adsorbate molecules decreases, thus entropy decreases. <br> (d) Brownian motion of colloidal particles depends on the size of the particles as well as on viscosity of the solution.

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