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The correct statement about pr...

The correct statement about probability density (except at infinite distance from nucleus ) is :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

it can be zero for 1s orbital it can be negative for 2p orbital it can be zero for 3p orbital it can never be zero for 2s orbital


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hello everyone is it can be negative photo P orbital it can be zero for 3p orbital and last option is it can never be zero for 2s orbital so we know that probability density help of graph R square are where this are represents distance from the nucleus distance from the nucleus right where is already present distance from the nucleus now what we have to find where to find we will we will look after the radial load will look after the radial load what is radial Road basically it is it is

it is an electron is completely true that reason and at particular distance if the electron is zero then that is set to be radial load and it can be calculated as an - l -1 right now request will calculate the radial load of one f2p 3p and 2P so41 as radial load is now value of n is one minus value of L S is 0 -1 which is equal to zero in case of 2S it is value of n is 2 - 0 -1 which is equal to 1 in case of creepy if you calculate the radial load value of n is 3 minus value of hello 40 is 1

- 1 which is equal to 1 and 4 topi the value comes out to be zero right so here we are calculated the radial load of different different orbital 1S 2S 3p and 2P no later draw the graph latest draw the graph of radial probability of 1S so it comes it looks like this so here it isn't much any of the graph either on y axis Forex access to hair load is not equal to load is not equal to zero if you look at the graph of 2S the graph look like this look like this status at x axis and then goes up so

hair one node is present in case of 12 if you look at the graph of a graph of o r square vs R and R square versus are so in case of upi hair node graph will be looked like this so at at at this point it is present and 43 paragraph look like this so here to know it is present so there to know this present CEO at the head of it can we know it correct it can never be zero it can be negative no 42 B if you look at the graph of to be it can never be zero for

topi can never be I can never be negative sorry second option is also in correct if you look at third graph it can be 043 P orbital if you look at 3p orbital right so here it is zero and here it is also 202 and it can never be 4200 so after number 43 is also of the number 43 is also incorrect to answer will be third one thank you very much

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