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The correct order of S_(N)2//E...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : Rate of `S_(N)2` reactionL: `1^(@)gt2^(@)gt3^(@)` as `beta` branching increases steric crowding increases in trasition state so it makes less stable T.S.


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serious question it is given option to buy today for Windows 7 to 8 of reaction is inversely proportional to the steric right rate of reaction is inversely proportional to the steric hindrance because the reaction takes place in a single step by step you can say that one degree will be having more than two date of the action of event will be more in one degree than two degree then 3D the rate of reaction follow this order rate of 28 of SN2 reaction rate of

this order something about it to action E2 reaction also occurs in a single step in there is Hindu formation of carbon cation is intermediate what happens in E2 reaction E2 reactions to reactions have those major product have those major product have those major product which is stabilized by which is the stabilized by resonance or hyperconjugation E2 reactions will generally from those products which has a stable which has gained some due to some hyperconjugation it is the most substituted Karbonn the adjacent to like that it is and product is that that is how we do

product in case of reaction and the rate in case of the SN2 reaction now let's see what is given to the question which is given to us you can see in the compound compound you have this Karbonn having I group attach that is the iodine group that is the allied group it at attached to the 3 degree 3 degree carbon atom is attached to the two degree carbon atom here you can see the halide is attached to the degree carbon atom is attached to the two degree carbon atom you can see in case of our site is attached to one degree carbon atom and in the final case that is in the last case you can see very well that the halide is attached again 22 degree carbon atom

it is attached to a two degree carbon atom know what is your in first of all we know that isn't too will be more in case of 1 Degree because of the lens is dedicated to write down that are has the most SN2 reaction to our product which was CH3 ch2 has maximum has maximum ability to undergo SN2 right has maximum ability to undergo SN2 reaction to finally you will say that I will be much much greater product from our will be much much better for SM to definitely reaction to buy today should be highest in case of our because of the one degree carbon the other thing we come to the second degree knowledge come to the second Degree 1st year 2nd Degree 1st year can see very well be this

let's draw the structure of q and R compound what is compound or compounds CH3 ch2 CH3 CH3 ch2 CH3 compound kyu you have iodine hearing you have pH is compound are not r r b i w a t c h s c what is compound as if you CS2 CH3 Ch Ch Ch CH3 ch2 Ch and ncsc this is compound write this is compound as it is very important that you can see it in both of these compound here when the carbon is attached with the allied group here also the carbon is attached with the allied group but in queue

princes hai because of the presence of this panel-group year since more is more a right because of the presence of the phenyl group but you are there is no phenyl group such presence of the study condensers lesson lesson 26 Tarik in range hire will be the reactivity forest and more reactive than Q S is going between smq as will be more reactive towards SN2 will be more reactive towards SN2 as will be more reactive towards SN2 10th Lesson study contract will be more reactive towards less is more important now after after is what will come definitely you have two compounds that what is p2p and other one SQ

is having 3 degree degree government had been there for the beast reactivity towards SN2 topi will be having this issue after as you will have few and now you can see even you can see that this is the order for the ratio of Asian to buy it is only the order for the ratio of two by two as it will be if you say that he is a the ratio of 1 and 2 by 2 is least copy it means that it to in this case for the rate of heat is greater than the rate of Assam to write for PU can say that the rate of it is greater than the rate of acid to then only the ratio of SN2 by Neetu India software is less than the ratio of assent to buy it to in case of P is less in case of P is least

weather is correct or not yes even you even if you compare with the respect of E2 reaction then you can say that in case in MP what is happening in p and does not follow steric hindrance activity instead it follows the stability of the production in p what will happen that the carbon this carbon this product which will be formed will be the first of all admin job if you draw the picture of p u can draw like this CH3 CH3 ch2 was the compound caocl2 CC of K3 ch2 CH3 ch2 CH3 and then this is the three degrees are there in here you can see if you perform the E2 reaction what will happen if to perform the reaction that definitely desired in this iodine reaction occurs in a single step and

and finally a hydrogen from either of the path will be released in order to get the maximum stable product what will be the best you can see very well the maximum stable product which will be obtained in this case will this is what will happen here you can see here in this case you have this double bond using conjugation with this double bonds in conjunction with the phenyl ring and on top of that you also have the hydrogen Alpha hydrogen which is therefore hyperconjugation in this way this is the most stable product key to building the then referred to in case of P and SN2 in case of the end that while the ratio between each option to buy to ratio will be used in

you can say this is the entire Rs with option is correct for this order are then is then use NP which option is option 1 option one is correct write your dad option 1

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