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Class 12






Chemical Bonding (Advanced)


The correct order of increasin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : `underset(sp^(3))9CO_(3)^(-) ` `underset(sp^(3)d^(2))(XeF_(4))` `underset(sp^(3)d)(I_(3)^(-))` `underset(sp^(3))(NCl_(3))` `underset(sp)(BeCl_(2))`

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writ order of increasing percentage character in the hybrid orbitals of following molecules and their having carbonate ion plated to recover it belongs to 14 2004 electron that is one two three and four it is 12 and the third oxide oxygen be having two negative charge one over here and one over here to find the hybridization it is calculated by the number which is equal to a number of sigma bond + number of lone pair now here we are having 123301 there is no known parent means it is check number is three its vibration it is SP2 here if you want to find the percentage is correct behaviour when one is total be having two plus 13 and percentage we have to multiply with the hundred means it comes out to be 33% this is for you carbonate and then having xef4 Junoon it belongs to 18 group A designer gas Oregon city is a noble gas it is 12345678 for chlorine that is 1 2 3 and 4

and we're having to lone pairs if you see to hear that we are having four sigma bond to lone pairs timing number is 6 hybridization it is sp3d to if you see the percentage criteria in one is total be having three plus to 5 and 6 we have sex for percentage multiply with this 100 it comes out to be 16.6% then having i3 minus that is your this I didn't belong to 17 group so have a lens is 1234567 it is i3 - it means your one night in over here and when I didn't know were here this is your structure of your I didn't look like this heavy having one lone pair this is your and this is your seat structures like this here we are having ID this is your Hai Din Haryanvi and also we are

having this lone pair now this negative charge it is proposed by this over here now if you count this hybridization it is 123 ka plus we are having to want their take number is 5 it is sp3d then it is One S total be having three plus 145 orbital which is multiplied with 100% is comes out to be 20% then having be nclc over here that is your fourth one where does nitrogen belongs to 15 group balance 571234 and it is 5 here it is free chlorine and were known parrot mystery Singh I want one on a tight number is four hybridization it is St 31 S totally and three plus one that is 4 % multiply with hundred come to be 25% or having that describe a solvent over here that is your

bcl-2 that is very limited belongs to alkaline earth metal that is your first member having to valence electron over here when chlorine and fluorine over here is known for their only to see my want loan parasite number is to have originated as B if you see 1S orbital total be having to go percentage X 800 it comes out to be 50% now you see the percentage as collector order for SBI having the maximum it is found in the case of your 51 and then we're having this is 33 16.6 it is 20 and it is 25 is found in first one then this is your third this is your second one the last we are good that is second so called into that you will heritage Riders food and here it is we are having third and last we having this

this is fourth one is your this is your 25% hair does 33% third give the position to 20% and 16.6% according to that you will be the right answer for the percentage S character

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - VK JAISWAL ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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