The correct order of increasing s character ( in percentage ) in the hybrid orbitals in below molecules `//` ions is ( assume all hybrid orbitals are exactly equivalent) `:` <br> `underset(I)(CO_(3)^(2-))` `underset(II)(XeF_(4))` `underset(III)(I_(3)^(-))` `underset(IV)(NCl_(3))` `underset(V)(BeCl_(2)(g))`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`underset(sp^(3))9CO_(3)^(-) ` `underset(sp^(3)d^(2))(XeF_(4))` `underset(sp^(3)d)(I_(3)^(-))` `underset(sp^(3))(NCl_(3))` `underset(sp)(BeCl_(2))`


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hello guys today we are going to discuss about the question that is the correct order of increasing as character in percentage in the hybrid orbitals in below molecules are ions or hybrid orbitals are exactly equal to minus 3 minus ncl3 and bcl-2 these are the compounds for this nice latest Rajasthan adhyayan compounds show that we can find the hybridization and their character in that enabled for once there was 31111 women episode 1233 Sigma bonds are there are a number of sin is equal to the number of hybrid ration 2312 station to which is ab trigonal planar

quality total number of the hybridization divided by total number of hybridization involved in 200 uses the percentage of the S character to their 1S orbital and their Total 3 ogg files are involved so one by two in 200 this is the percentage of the doctor EP 32 - so now coming to the second walk compound that is the chloride is a good for it was it has it across the promotional at Asda only for chlorine and to learn data present structure is called as octahedral 105 edition is the sp3d to so here return that the percentage of Spectre only one

total steps involved in the hybridization 21 by 16200 this is the percentage of the Extractor for the region or tetrachloride now the third compound which was going to discuss about this 3 - so guys here the third companies i3 minus the iodine has 7 aftermarket the central Idea share one electron with the 1910 and thereby the audience at the bottom of every lone pair of electrons but this has remained but due to the negatively charged with three counts of electrons in the central role in the patient

hybrid hybrid orbitals of ncl3 nitrogen is able to form 3 and there is a lone pair of electrons in nitrogen is tetrahedral structure and SP3 chloride to the becl2 near sector is a linear structure and hybridisation SP hybridization linear 200

its value because it has at least one is the third one and the bottom is ncl3 and the first component that is the one that is 32 - and the latter having the competition is bcl2 1432 which is stopped in here by 1432 S dobson thank you

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