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Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry


The correct order of decreasin...

The correct order of decreasing polarisability of ion is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`Cl^(ɵ) gt Br^(ɵ) gt I^(ɵ) gt F^(ɵ)``F^(ɵ) gt I^(ɵ) gt Br^(ɵ) gt Cl^(ɵ)``I^(ɵ) gt Br^(ɵ) gt Cl^(ɵ) gt F^(ɵ)``F^(ɵ) gt Cl^(ɵ) gt Br^(ɵ) gt I^(ɵ)`

Answer : C
Solution : The larger the ion, the more is its polarisation.


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hi everyone let's take a question here the question is the correct order of decreasing polarizability of iron is a given with the group 17 elements that are well hello gents group 17 elements that are halogens ok HIV and their order in the periodic table is that is f CL bromine and Iodine ok sunao here we have to talk about the polarizability polarizer ability right if we talk about the fall rise ability polarizability is the measure of measure of covalent character covalent character in case of annoyance OK it is in mainly in case of anions and we know that halogen forms the anions that is F - CL minus b h -

I - ok and according to the Faizan roll according to the Faizan rule rule what happens is here the greater the size of anion greater the size of an iron greater will be its covalent character greater covalent character ok so from here we can conclude that the size and size is directly proportional to the polarizability is directly proportional to the polarizer Leti and we can also say that according to the Fazan rule a bigger in iron bigger and iron

more easily polarized is more easily polarized than the smaller and iron than smaller annoying ok so here if we see the order ok and we know that as we move down the group the size of iron increases write the size of an iron increases it means that here are our order will be I - for The size first let's write for the size of a minus b h - CL minus and F - ok now we have already talked that iron size is directly proportional to the polarizability so it means that here this will be the same for the polarizability polarizability will also have the same order and this is a decreasing order because here we have Grey

tatoo smallest ok so let's see which options matches your vacl it is wrong here if it is also on this one will be our correct answer my dear CL and appreciate the correct answer ok here this is also encouraged to hear every correct answer is this one this is our correct answer thank you


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