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Class 12






Coordination Compounds


The coordination number of Ni^...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`dsp^(2),sp^(3)``sp^(3),sp^(3)``dsp^(2),dsp^(2)``sp^(3),d^(2),d^(2)sp^(3)` .

Answer : a
Solution : `K_(2)[Ni(CN)_(4)]: dsp^(2)` hybridisation <br> `K_(2)[NiCI_(4)]: sp^(3)`-hybridisation .

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so hello my dearest illumination welcome to question is the coordination number of an eye plus two East Coast and cl2 + case in excess it will give Saina Complex HB HB note that nicl2 that will be active in excess Deepak Complex that is that is -2 next we have a nice cl2 + H2 S o4 Pharma cloth Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete

all phone -2 so let's see the privatization of has been noted that is in the first place that is Oxidation state of plus two there is it because then it is attached with the cm It is a strong field ligand 12381 there it's coordination number is phone that is what is a number which 484 number

GST for Complex B tech fees of all substation number in that it plus two so it's a It's a configuration that will not be not other then we can create 12345 ok so that we can separate out 123456 the coordination number of coordination number is also one is 13 people with SP2 hybridization code

option what is the character

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