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The compound which contains both ionic and covalent bonds is


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The correct Answer is
A, B, C
The bonding between cation and anion is ionic while carbon and nitrogen are covalently bonded in cyanide ion as :
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the compound which contains both the ionic as well as the covalent bond so we have to select the compound which contains both the ionic and covalent bond so going structures by structures first it is the nh4cl nh4cl is ionic compound which consists of NH4 Plus and minus so here NH4 + and CL minus form the ionic bond also it is ionic bond also in case of NH4 + NH4 + it consists of covalent bond also and H H H and you are also at it will be any school class should contain school and Bond also so nh4cl contain covalent as well as ionic bond
ok sofa shopping with their answer going for the other options also we consider csbr3 csbr3 associate like ionic CSS + and B are 3 - so here it is the ionic bond clearly and for we are 3 - it is we are single bond BR in Melbourne BR and it will be - + - 3 here we can see that covalent bond is also present here so it will be are also answer it contains both the ionic as well as covalent bond S will also be the answer for the third option it is kcn kcn is also ionic compound which break as K and C
and minus so this is the ionic bond in kcn for the sea and that is anion it is C 111 and answer will have negative charge 3 year we can also see that here also covalent bond is present CEO in third option ionic and covalent Botal present so that will be also the answer now going for the last option Natesh latest Si for to this is present in SO2 and form and we have you do and structure as a single one Si that is here all the bond formed are the covalent bond because it's a covalent network solid so here only covalent bonds are present only covalent bonds are present so
this cannot be our answer we have to select the option which has containing both the covalent and the ionic bond so we have the three correct options here that is nh4cl csbr3 and kcn thank you

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