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The compound which contains both ionic and covalent bonds is


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the given question save the compound which contain both ionic and covalent bonds is determined by looking at the difference so the bond is said to be ionic bond difference in the electronegativity in electro Nahin TV is equal to or greater than 1.7 and covalent bond
the electronegativity difference should be less than one so in auction one can be written as a positive C triple Bond and now the electronegativity of Potassium is nearly 0.8 and the carbon is 2.5 difference between these two is 1.7 what is the electronegativity of nitrogen is around three so the difference is only 0.5 between carbon and nitrogen show the bond between carbon nitrogen is covalent
now option to also the electronegativity of potassium 0.8 and chlorine is 3 difference is 3 - 0.8 which is equal to the 2.2 greater than 1.7 and is only ninth adoption also the electron affinity of Potassium is 0.8 and electronegativity of sulphur is around 2.8 to the difference is 1.2 greater than 1.7 so this born also is a boy
now for the fourth option H2 O2 activity of H2 is hydrogen is 2.1 and electronegativity of oxygen is 3.5 so the difference is 3.5 - 2.1 equal to the 1.4 less than 1.2 boy and only so only kcn was both ionic and covalent bond number one is correct all other options are in thank you

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