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General Principles And Process Of Isolation Of Elements


The chemical process in the pr...

The chemical process in the production of steel from haematite ore involves Oxidation followed by reduction. True/False


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : D
Solution : First, by calcination and roasting, the ferrous oxide is oxidised of ferric oxde. Then, in blast furnace, smelting is done, where it is reducing to get iron. <br> `4FeO + O_(2) rarr 2Fe_(2)O_(3)` <br> `Fe_(2)O_(3) + CO rarr 2Fe_(3)O_(4) + CO_(2)` <br> `Fe_(2)O_(3) + CO rarr FeO + CO_(2)` <br> `FeO + Co rarr Fe + CO_(2)`.


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hello everyone this request in liquid state to the chemical process in the production of Steel from haematite in was oxidation followed by reduction of oxide of iron source to fall we always to the cancellation ok so iron oxide is heated in the oxygen and with the meeting to ETA 2836 to balance 24 overhead right then what we do next near the top of the phone is now this is first we have done the oxidation helically ok heating in the presence of oxygen or not in Access but insufficient then near the top of surface of the Furnace se23 is heated around 873 tag with carbon monoxide to produce iron oxide and carbon dioxide now the leftover amount se23 is for the against reacted with SEO

give us at 34 + carbon dioxide then further this acid reacts with four carbon monoxide 3 moles of iron in four of carbon dioxide right now after this what we would be doing and width of series of reaction in the middle furnace around 10721 273 Kelvin we are having carbon dioxide treated with carbon to give us an oxide than if we are excited to give is Iron and carbon dioxide then finally X2 + carbon we can see over hair reduction is happening ok so INOX side is clearly reduce head to give us iron ok so what exactly are doing first of all oxidation followed by reduction to the answer to this question

thank you