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The cell reaction 2Ag^+(aq)+H_...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hello students the question is a cell reaction is to achieve positive Aqua plus 82 rashes forming 2 h positive aquaplus 280 solid is best represented by this question we are given a cell reaction we have to Suchi best seller representation of Monkey given representation so the reaction is 280 positive aquis + H2 gaseous it is giving which plus Aqua plus 280 solid now this cell reaction is cell representation is as 43 reaction on the anode side that is the Oxidation reaction

the anode is represented in the salt with which maintains the ionic balance then after the reaction at the cathode that is reduction reaction the cathode is represented so if you see in this reaction is positive it is in plus one Oxidation state it is going from plus one Oxidation state to zero Oxidation state it means it is reduction taking place and hydrogen that isn't is zero Oxidation state it is going from 0 to plus one Oxidation state it is being oxidized so oxidation is taking place so if we write that at anode the oxidation is taking place that is the H2 gaseous it is giving 2 X positive Aqua plus 2 electrons and at cathode

at cathode reduction reaction is taking place that is the 80 positive bike tapping one electron it is converting to Priti aur we can say that to 80 positive by accepting two electrons it is forming 280 solid this reaction is reduction reaction it means the correct representation should be at the anode side it should be hydrogen forming the Atlas ions and at the cathode side the 80 positive forming t80 solid the first option it will be incorrect because it is doing and orders under one Oxidation state is incorrect features in node is undergoing sorry AG positive is and reduction reactions to this is incorrect second option is that is showing the Platinum Solitaire inert electrode is used then the H2

gas yes it is converting to x + sin Aqua then the Salt Bridge after that we cathodic reaction that is reduction reaction which is 80 positive Aqua forming a Jasol is this is the correct answer this will also within correct this will also be incorrect because it is showing that it is being oxidized but the AG positive is being reduced so that it is represented at the option is the correct option that this is the best representation of the set is the correct answer I hope you understood the solution thank you

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