Updated on:30/05/2023

The bond dissociation energy of gaseous H2,Cl2 and HCl are 104,58 and 103kcalmol1 respecitvely. Calculate the enthalpy of formation for HCl gas.


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For the reaction H2(g)+Cl2(g)2HCl(g)
For reactants
Bond energy of 1 mole of H-H bond =104 kcal
Bond energy of 1 mole of Cl-Cl bond =58 kcal
For products :
Energy of formation of 2 moles of H-Cl bond =2×103 kcal
Thus ΔH of the above reaction =104+58206=44 kcal
Since, for
H2+Cl22HCl , ΔH=44kcal
then for, 12H2+12Cl2HCl , ΔH=22kcal
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