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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 16


The anomeric carbon in D(+) gl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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C-1 carbonC-2 carbonC-5 carbonC-6 carbon

Answer : A

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the question is the anomaly carbon in D plus glucose is C1 ka Bansi to Karbonn C5 carbon AC 6 card discuss was will be drawing the structure of glucose glucose is the formula of C6 h12 o6 and here we'll be talking about the positive glucose Suraj of the structure at first this is the structure of alpha d glucose 5 carbon atoms 123 sorry 6 carbon atoms 4 5 and 6 now what happens intramolecular heavy as a confirmation will occur what happens here in this age group of C5 will react with this group and heavy and settle will form and drink like structure will be formed of 5 carbon atoms along with one oxygen atom so this ring is called pirannu structure

that first to this is the ring formation here and this is the power non-stop iron instruction what happens is this carbon atom becomes due to different arrangements here in this age will be at this position in this position and hear it will be here which will be here so what happens when carbon is no between two different arrangement of glucose we can say is due to the presence of this age group at different position of they are known as enormous and this carbon atoms one carbon atom is known as anomeric carbon complete glucopyranose structures ch2oh at this point and at this point h u a h u

it will be a chart at this point it will be H and this is the structure of alpha d glucose and beta D glucose are the structures of the ch2oh this is H other positions of the same other positions are same as you can see we're only difference is that this on Carbon atoms so it becomes chiral at this is beta-d-glucose son of this carbon becomes chiral as this kind of Rajasthan is this carbon is chiral we have two different isomers here where which group is a down position and one and veg group a

position at the other so this is alpha d glucose and beta D glucose to the question was anomeric carbon in the positive glucose is one carbon thank you

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