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Class 11






Classification And Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds


The analgesic drug ibuprofen (...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : (33 `sigma`- bonds and `4 pi`- bonds) <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hi everyone let's take a question here the question is the analgesic drug profile a is chiral and existing Plus and minus forms one in Asia Minor is logically active while other is inactive the other is inactive the structure of propene is given below so here we have been given the structure ok so here we have to answer the question that is the number of Pi bonds in a is ok se pi bond means the double bond double bond and Pi bond means that double bond whether that is present between carbon oxygen ok whether it is between carbon and carbon any but it is the double bond ok if we break this structure break the structure it music with dried by showing the carbons so here it will be here we has ch3c hair we also have Ch 3

right here also we have CH3 CH3 and your also we have one carbon right now here we will have again Karbonn here now here we have benzene ring see see this phenyl ring ok so here this indicates that here we are one two and three ok sunao here we have this see here we again as CS3 and area C double bond o o h ok sunao here we will be know that in the methyl these are our methyl groups this one this one and this one these Indies all they have carbon and hydrogen single bond right so here we have 123 so here also one hydrogen here to hydrogen

to complete the valency theory 1123 here also one here also one month and year 1231 hydrogen right here we see that how many double bonds are there 1 2 3 and 4 it means that this structure F3 Pi bonds in the benzene ring 3 pi bond share and one pi bond is here it means total 4 Pi bonds are present in this given structure all others our sigma bond ok all others are our Sigma bonds that is between carbon hydrogen carbon carbon Oxygen and hydrogen ok but all others are our Sigma bonds only we have 44 pi bond that is one two three and four ok so here are our answer will be

number of Pi bonds in a is 4 answer is 4 thank you

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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