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Mock Test 36


The alcohol having least solub...

The alcohol having least solubility in water is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : D


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call having least solubility in water the solubility it is depend on your hydrogen in your alcohol and your water they will show inter molecular hydrogen bonding Mysore to means between to someone is a water molecule one is your alcohol if I say Mithun all here it is it is ch3oh this is carbon hydrogen hydrogen hydrogen air it is it and this is your water molecule they will do in morning like this is hydrogen to form Bond forms immediately and does make it soluble carbon chain it is difficult to form the this hydrogen board so what we can say that their solubility is inversely proportional to your

molecular mass why so if it is more molecular mass more is the long carbon Chain and we are unable to form a hydrogen bonding as fast as we are making in the lower carbon Ahir having that is ethanol that is C2 h5 0h then having propanol then we're having butanol yes it is Proper noun means it is 3 carbon additional it means your to Karbonn here between all these four carbon can we have in Paint means 5 that is your CH3 ch2 ch2 ch2 poet sunao what happened here more Israel currency it is 34 nearest when it is 52 maximum angle present over here and it has more molecular mass and it has least solubility so you option will be the right answer