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Class 12






Nuclear Chemistry


The activity of a nucleus is i...

The activity of a nucleus is inversely proportional to its half of average life. Thus, shorter the half life of an element, greater is its radioactivity, i.e., greater the number of atomsd disintegrating per second. The relation between half life and average life is `t_(1//2) = (0.693)/(lambda) = tau xx 0.693` <br> or `tau = 1.44 t_(1//2)` <br> Mark the incorrect relation.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`N_(0) = Ne^(lambda t)``tau = 1.44 t_(0.5)``N = N_(0) ((1)/(2))^(n)``t_(1//2) = 2.303 lambda "log" 2`

Answer : D
Solution : `t = (2.303)/(lambda) "log" ((N_(0))/(N))` <br> For `t = (t)/(2) implies t_(1//2) = (2.303)/(lambda) "log" ((N_(0))/(N_(0)//2))` <br> `= (2.303)/(lambda) "log" 2`


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hello the question says mark the incorrect solution so we have given these four options related to radioactivity first option says and not equals to N into e raise to the power Lambda since radioactive reaction is a first order reaction therefore the formula of first order reaction and radioactive reaction as similar for first order Kirti equals to natural log of initial concentration that is a not in radioactivity b 1 not divided by remaining concentration or you can say remaining

number of atoms that is N so this will go to the left hand side and it will become a race to the park KT equals to and not by in radioactivity ke is equal to Lambda and write it as he was to the parallel and at T = 2 and not by N or and not equal to N into e raised to the you can see that in the first option the same statement is written so option A is true second option series 2 equals to 1.4 into 0.5 which means t Half Life Loafer first order

reaction t half life equals to 0.693 by ke it can be written as 0.693 into one bike so it can be written as one by K = 23 half / 0.693 1 by 0.693 into t half 1 by 0.693 is equal to 1.44 aunty how will be written as that average this needs average lifetime on a lifetime it can be represented as this is the statement auto is equal to 1.4 into

0.5 therefore our second option is also true production see is that any equals to N not into half raise to the power n n is the number of half life again for post order reaction concentration left equals to initial concentration divided by 2 raise to the power n n is equal to number of half life therefore concentration left can be written as remaining number of atoms that is capital and equals to this initial concentration can be written as and into half raise to the power small and B

this is the same statement written in the third option therefore third option is also true 4th option says we have equals to 2.303 land dialogue of let's see if this option is correct or not 40 half of equals to 2.303 / ke write log of any number of atoms let it be and not and meaning number of items will be annoyed by to because we have written the Half-Life therefore the number of atom it will be and not by to this end not not will cancel out and to will go to the numerator site and it will become 2.303 we are writing this formula for activity can be written as Lambda that is disintegration constant

into law of 2 is equal to half life it is written as 2.303 into Lambda log of two but we have just calculator that it is written in the denominator the disintegration written in the denominator therefore it is the incorrect one fourth is correct

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