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Alkanes And Cycloalkanes


Synthesise the following compo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : By Corey-House synthesis: <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Starting with <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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two letters considered the formation of the following compounds from 8 AP OK what type of reaction we are incorporated in case we are using Corey House synthesis house synthesis ok later begin with the question so this is CS3 I OK what we perform to this we treated this compound with lithium and then with you see you the formation of ph3 V wise

you and I take place ok now what they perform with this molecules basically with the sets of molecule we have created this molecule with three what happened the formation of CS3 PSC will take place and when we did the molecule with CH3 start then the formation of it will form basically CS3 Ch 3 star ok compound all h c h l i undergo same reaction form

c h v i c u l i ok which will react with CST star PS3 chr number ok no god we do basically we treat compound number bi with cl2 in presence of H2O what happened stage CH3 ch2 CL will formulate and again what we do we perform same thing due to the

formation of CS3 CS2 c u l form ok and on treating this compound ch3i we will get CH3 ch2 ch 6 ok compound number C or we can treat this compound with Ch 3 star I 2com Ch 3 star ch2 star CS3 star number D ok now consider

Dil compound PS3 V toys u l i ok this compound and its compound with ICS 23 then the formation of ph3 PS2 PS3 take place like this which is the compound number OK What we do we have to construct the compound app you got me to beat it is compound with CH3 ch2 CH3 CH3 ok show on compound chlorine in presence of CH3 ch2 CL PS3 PS2

ok now what we do we treat the compound with nahco3 PS2 12 i c u l i ok ch2 CL and ointment is compound with CH3 CH3 ch2 CH3 ok this kind of compound show the answer of the question I know that I made myself clear


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