Suspension of slaked lime in water is known as



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Updated On: 1-3-2021

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lime waterquick limemilk of limeaqueous solution of slaked lime

Answer :
Solution :
Calcium hydroxide is prepared by adding water to quicklime `(CaO)`. <br> `underset("Quick lime")(CaO(s))+H_(2)O(l) rarr underset("Slaked lime")(Ca(OH)_(2)(s))` <br> It is a white amorphous powder. It is sparingly soluble in water. So, it forms a suspension of slaked lime in water which is called milk of lime and the clear solution obtained after the suspension settles is known as lime water.



00:00 - 00:59ok so hello everyone so the question is that suspension of slaked lime in water is known as lime water quicklime milk offline for aqua solution of sleeping status begin with the solution ok so we know that if I add calcium oxide + H2O and this gives me calcium hydroxide that is a old voice over here let me right over here this is known as quicklime and this is calcium hydroxide is known as lakeline ok so this is known as lake like this calcium hydroxide this Lake line is a white powder think of a
01:00 - 01:59substance and it is not soluble in water it is actually sparingly soluble what is better sparingly soluble in water means that it is at a partially to Solomon par status insoluble like we have seen in the case of science that settles down so similar as a sort of suspension has been informed by selecting the right Calcium Hydroxide is actually sparingly sparingly soluble in water what happens when we keep on adding water this becomes is becomes calcium hydroxide that is lakeline + H2O it forms a suspension the similar one that we have seen while adding San auto suspensions right
02:00 - 02:59suspension best suspension is actually white coloured solution White coloured solution just like a b and then it is a sort of a yellow coloured solution is formed when this case white colour solution is been formed in the question we have been at the suspension of slaked lime so when this a this particles of calcium hydroxide as a suspended in the solution that meets their former or present in the form of suspension there in that case the solution is known as milk offline milk of lime so when in the solutions letter name is present as a suspension that in that case this solution is known as milk of line from here we can see that option see which is milk of lime is
03:00 - 03:59going to be the correct answer so with this we complete our solution thank you

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