Suppose that `CH_(3) CH_(2) I` is added to an enthanol solution containing an excess of `EtONa` , EtSNa and NaOH in equimolar amounts . What is the major product that will be isolated from the reaction ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :


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11 question is a point that css2 I is added to an ethanol solution consists in containing an axis of a t i o n a 80s and energy write in about what is the major product that will be isolated from the reaction is hereby given to us that is CH3 ch2 CH3 ch2 5 and when react with a t i o n a that means 84 - 3 + it is an A+ and s o h - annapolis and we are to find which is the major product here on nuclear attack at this bond because it is delta

it is Delta minus and it is Delta plus it is Delta plus it is Delta - Sohail this nuclear attack at this so here we have to find out the which is the best nucleophile attack at this moment to hear O minus n is minus given and we know that - is more stable than as - it is highly electronegative is more electronegative than S electronegativity so when I get if that means it is more stable Monostable so that means it attack less because you which compound which compound which is more stable with attack less so here it is attacked at this bonded to the major Bond form is CH3 ch2

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