Sulphur on oxidation with hot sulphuric acid gives :


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hello everyone get the question is Sulphur on oxidation with hot sulfuric acid gives which of the following product product given in options we have to select the correct one so when sulphur reacts with hot sulphuric acid that is H2 S o4 sulphur is oxidised to Sulphur Dioxide along with water is released Thursday se equation we will multiply see here on this site to win per X with H2 S o4 to will be multiplied with water so this is the balanced reaction let's write the name of the compound share this is a sulphur
this is a sulphuric acid hot sulphuric acid this is Sulphur Dioxide water our answer will be option to that is Sulphur Dioxide sulphur on oxidation with hot sulphuric acid gives Sulphur Dioxide this is our required answer thank you

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