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Class 10






Sulphuric Acid


Sulphur dioxide turns acidifie...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone the question is Sulphur dioxide turns as certified potassium dichromate into what questions we have to fill in the blank that is given here that for the reaction that is taking place between Frankfurt and acidified potassium dichromate to the reaction that takes place is something like this Sulphur Dioxide that is SO2 reacts with K2 cr2 O7 + H2 S o4 to give ki 2 S o4 + c h 2 S o4 hole size + water so that reaction natak please no potassium dichromate here it as a strong oxidizing agent as a strong oxidizing agent ok and hence the Sulphur dioxide is oxidised to sulphate and chromium and in potassium dichromate so what happens is this it as

oxidising agent with oxidizing Sulphur Dioxide by itself it gets reduced so here are the dichromate ion in potassium dichromate which was Orange in colour orange in colour when it it is produced are here at a in the chromium sulphate it produces green colour green colour suit solution colour changes from Orange to Green because potassium dichromate gets reduced ok so here they are saying that suffered as writers acidified potassium dichromate into green colour so that is the answer for question thank you

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