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Sulphide ore of Iron is-...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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hello everyone here the question is sulphide ore of iron is this is a question for Metallurgy and there is no side tricks to solve these questions are you only have to learn the formula of old and everything sofa for light let's write the formula of the provided for in this for option this is option a b c and d first is Limo night ok remove the formula of human it is 630 is a hydrated aur of hair it is an hydrated it is a hydrated or of iron ok next is CD write the formula of CD right is feco3 so it is carbonated ore of iron

that is ore of iron that contains carbon ok so carbonated or of iron is pyrites what is the formula of pirates pirates formula cufes2 yes so this can be your answer because it contains iron and sulphide as per mention the question sulphide ore of iron sulphide ore of iron sulphide ore of iron ok last option is we have got around us and our answer is see but for convenience let's see last option also so that you can learn the formula of magnetite is sec34 it is oxidized or off

it is oxidized dose of iron so this is you have to this is what you have to learn ok and our answer here is see this is your answer

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