Updated on:30/05/2023

Sugar, salt, mustard oil, sand, sawdust, honey, chalk powder, petals of flower, soil, copper sulphate crystals, glucose, wheat flour are some substances given to Paheli. She wants to know whether these substances are soluble in water or not. Help her in identifying soluble and insoluble substances in water.


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1)Sugar – Soluble in water 2)Salt – Soluble in water 3)Mustard oil – Insoluble in water 4)Sand – Insoluble in water 5)Sawdust – Insoluble in water 6)Honey – Soluble in water 7)Chalk powder – Insoluble in water 8)Petals of flower – Insoluble in water 9)Soil – Insoluble in water 10)Copper sulphate crystals – Soluble in water 11)Glucose – Soluble in water 12)Wheat flour – Insoluble in water
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