Statement-1 : In the molecule ocr_image
will form intramolecular H-bonding to a greater extent .
Statement-2 : Bond order greater than three is not possible .
Statement-3 : Increase in percentage of P orbital increases the directional nature of bond .


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in this question we have to identify whether the given statement some to false statement in a molecule is CH3 given that will intramolecular hydrogen bonding to greater extent let us discuss the statement so this statement number what the structure was given to hydrogen atoms then we have to Dinar oxygen is electronegative and attract the electrons from hydrogen towards itself because of this there will be protected negative charge that is a partial negative charge and oxygen and partial politics Garden
hydrogen atom that is fluorine is present this will undergo hydrogen bonding with hydrogen intramolecular hydrogen bonding is possible in the structure and test it because oxygen is very much electronegative and open cricket very good quality of charge and hydrogen and also fluorine is very much electronegative so it was a very good morning will be the greatest show the first statement is true 143.7 cording to statement to
greater than latest example if we remove an electron it will become CA + it is observed that the bond in the ratio Plus is greater than now why is it so happened because then we remove the electron from more than electron is removed from non bonding energy level night antibonding despite the fact that the energy level is not wanting what would consider that it would participate in
calculation of the bond order it is not due to presence of the Santa contact character when we remove the electron so there will be effect on the bond order and antibonding character will decrease our bond order will increase because the form of an order bonding Electrons - antibonding electrons / to so because of this antibonding character is known morning the antibonding character will decrease and the overall bond order will increase show the bond order of co + is seen that is slightly greater than 3 second statement is false increase in percentage of
metal increase the directional nature of boat show latest discuss about this statement medical shape that do not direction and it'll keep it is directional in nature with increased directional nature with oil face shop dikhaiye present in SP3 SP2 SP3 will be in this will be the order according to the statement increased by 10% increase the directional Gate
which is option big thank you for watching

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