Statement-1: In `CO_(2)` molecule resonance is possible. <br> Statement-2: CO is used in purification of Ni. <br> Statement-3: `H_(2)CO_(3)` is more acidic than `H_(2)SiO_(3)`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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question given nearest statement 1 in carbon dioxide molecule resonance is possible statement to carbon monoxide is used in purification of ankle treatment 3H to see it is more acidic than H2S iot and options are true true true true false true false false to and for this post to cal Subah to tell these two three statements given here are two word falls to will take one by one statement one is given that carbon dioxide molecules that shows resonance it is possible for that molecule to carbon dioxide lete carbon has a atomic number of 6 and electronic configuration is tofu and oxygen has atomic number 8 and the configuration is 26 so oxygen required to completely updated and carbon has tetravalency so it forms

covalent or ionic so we can see the carbon will Form 112 the oxygen and a double bond with oxygen has a carbon dioxide molecule so we can say that a resonance structure is possible for regulating structure or resonance is basically the De localisation of electrons within a year with the molecule where wanting can be expressed by the cannot be expressed by a single Lewis formula distinct and expressed by the resonating structures so they will be the localisation of elements of electrons basically you will see that there are 3 electrons in oxygen has lone pair electrons as I told to carbon has four bonding electrons in outermost shell and oxygen 66 and oxygen molecules are to wear to oxygen atom is two years oxygen O2 A6 Plus is 12 to 16 electrons will be taking part 2

double bond is made and fusion Sel have to loan-to-value de localisation for this electron will come here the this galon per will come here and this one will come on decision so resonating structure the next resonating structure of carbon this when the loan per gram today will be double bond also season has lost his lawn tennis it will acquire a positive charge and hear this this bond will be coming on this electrons are there is an moral single bond will be there and oxygen or negative charge vacancy to have electronic they can resonating structure can be resonating for Carbon dioxide again this can be the resonating structure we can see that they are

resonating structure and resonance possible for Carbon dioxide to Fir statement about this is true s does carbon monoxide is used in the purification of Nickel so we can see that in the purification of Nickel Nickel oxide is it reacts with us in gas used in gas is basically a mixture of carbon monoxide + hydrogen to first technical oxide will react with hydrogen and it will form a 208 will give an impure nikal that is in the solid form with water to this nikal is a rare and again that is Nickel in react with carbon monoxide will react with carbon monoxide at a temperature of 50 to 60 degree

full form and stable compound that is Nickel tetracarbonyl which is also a volatile and when heated it will give nikal pure Nickel and carbon monoxide gas this will be a temperature of 222 250 degree Celsius this is your nikal here and this process would process is known as he wants process which is used in the purification of Nickel Nickel as we can see that carbon monoxide is used in the purification of Nickel to the second statement is also true now will come to the third statement that is it to see you tree is more acidic than in H2S h2se trees carbonic acid and H2S matters silicic acid to will see that which of these is more acidic food festival will make the conjugate base conjugate base of both acids for that will do for the first started h2co 3

will remove one hydrogen and structure will be carbon with this oxygen with negative charger and oxygen have S is H2S also hair again that will be Si double bond single bond to negative and we can see that both have same structures but if we see that here we can we know that carbon atoms above silicon in the periodic table 42 will see that carbon is more electronegative than city of carbon is a more than Silicon because as we know that down the group electronegativity increases because there is an increase in the distance between the nucleus and the valence shell and we can say that the Crescent attraction are making the atom less of an attraction for the electrons and protons

carbon has more electronegative negativity and it will attract the electrons to visit more prone to basically if we see here so if we see that this will be located here and electron will be like this one will be more attracted to the oxygen so we can see that if carbon is more electronegative so it will attract more oxygen negative charge from oxygen then compared to Silicon so we can say that carbon will be more electron is more electronegative it and we can say it will attract more negative charge as compared to Silicon to the reason being more acidic of h20 three daughters carbonic acid than this hih2 society that is metal silicic acid to the statement given that had that three is more acidic than it is also true for the correct option is first one answer is first option

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