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STATEMENT-1 : Glycine is an ac...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A

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mint 19 is there is an a chiral amino acid statement to pH of alanine is less than 7 statement 3 almost all proteins are polypeptide four options are given here option A True True True option call Paul Scholes option state true or false to and false true false we have three statement statement 1 2 and 3 we have to check whether these statements are true in this question in first treatment were given glycine is an a chiral amino acid to lete series structure of glycine glycine is NH3 ch2 ch2 c o o h

picture of that which contain of chiral carbon now if you see here this carbon atom of carbon atom which is a chiral it is not chiral it is a chiral because here we have to same group to hydrogen attached to it is a chiral it is a chiral carbon and in this molecule there is no chiral carbon so it is chiral amino acid basically chiral carbon is that on which port different groups are attached for example we have a nice to see ch3cooh suppose we have this amino acid now as you can see on this carbon

kya for different CH3 NH2 hydrogen and so this carbon is chiral chiral carbon so this amino acid is glycine which is a chiral because it does not contain a chiral carbon so statement one is true then in statement to it is given that pH of Allen is Lesson 7 now this is also true this is a theoretical questions we know that alone is acidic in nature and its 6.11 theoretically have to remember that because of its acidic nature then we are give old polypeptide this is also true are the long Chains of amino acids which are joined by peptide

all proteins are polypeptide through all the statements are true to the correct option A is the answer

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