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Class 12






Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principle And Techniques


Statement-1: CH_(3)CH_(2)overs...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Statement -1 is True, Statement -2 is True, Statement -2 is a correct explanation for Statmenet -1.Statement -1 is True, Statement -2 is True, Statement-2 is NOT a correct explanation for Statement -1 Statement -1 is True, Statement -2 is FalseStatement -1 is False, Statmenet -2 is True

Answer : C


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hello student question statement one that is CH3 ch2 ch2 positive is less stable than CST and ch2 positive statement to is Carbon ke time visit heteroatom like Nitrogen Oxygen left this question will be given two statements we have to find out that these are correct or not and statement is correct explanation for statement one or statement one it is given a carbon content that is CH3 ch2 ch2 plus it is given less stable than this ka packet and if you see in this Karbonn ka time CH3 ch2 ch2 Plus and iska book x Ch 3 NH ch2 Plus Tu nitrogen atom heteroatom it

is having lone pair of electrons so it can donate its lone pair of electrons can affect 2 + M effect and it will stabilize the cover ke time this will be come now it is stabilizing it through plus m is it by donating from lone pair of electrons this positive charge of this Perfect and has been stabilized and the after it is completed for nitrogen as well as carbon octet of both carbon and nitrogen completed Aaj complete hai

it means SST stabilize feature stabilized by Plus M effect but in case of this car booked and it is having only two Alpha hydrogen so it will stabilize it can stabilize this through hyperconjugation bye hyperconjugation PTC no want residence that is it will defect number of seat Sigma bonds that are attached to the that attach to next to the time it can stabilize it through hyperconjugation having two Alpha hydrogen but this is more stable ise through Plus and listen to this compound that is CH3 ch2 ch2 positive is less stable than this statement is correct 1 second

is given carboplatin with address and had To Autumn by Nitrogen Oxygen table this is an incorrect because if aka book a time having adjacent heteroatom like Nitrogen Oxygen with nitrogen donate to one lone pair of electrons oxygen is having two lone pair of electrons so it will donate through to 90 of electrons and make it make the car booked and more stable Tu Ha atoms they make the carbon ka time adjacent had returns make the perfect tense most episode this is a false statement to correct answer to this question will be free option statement 12 and do it I hope you understood it thank you

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